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Sunday, 26th March 2017

On Sunday the 26th of April Andover Under 7s travelled to sunny Petersfield to play in the Hampshire Country Tournament.

The 12 players were split into two squads of 6 with 4 players taking to the field at a time, and two games taking place simultaneously. 

While some coaches took scores, Andover weren't concerned as long as the rugby was good and the players were having fun; and they certainly were. It could have been the excitement of a big day out, the great weather or the hot dogs, but Andover played some the best rugby we have seen from these young players. John Brazier and Liam Olding showed some amazing running lines for such young players and I wish James Kitching could teach his side step to everyone at the club. Sam Connors is looking forward to a move to a slightly bigger pitch as he only would have needed an extra few inches to have got his try; likewise Archie Graham who had many tries disallowed as he couldn't resist diving for the line.

Most importantly of all, everyone had a great time on Mothering Sunday; and what could be a better gift for a mum than some fast rugby in the sun? 


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