The Youth Academy is built on the ethos of good, hard and especially fair play. The role of the Academy within the Andover RFC is to develop the future players of the club. Our Academy staff are fully dedicated to these principles, everyone from the age group coaches and managers through to the chairman and committee members work together to bring the youth players through to the senior teams.

The squads within the Youth Academy are organised in line with the RFU guidelines. This creates a squad for every year from Under 6s through to the Under 17s. The single year age groups ensure that the players skill and physical development are as closely matched as possible. The coaching within the age groups is tailored to their needs and the full game is introduced in steps as the players develop and progress through each of the squads.

The role of the Colts is to manage the transition from the Youth Academy through to the Senior teams. As this is the primary role of the Youth Academy this process is closely managed and covers players from the Under 16s through to players of 18-19 years of age. We are currently seeing this process bear fruit with a number of our Colts making first team appearances.

Your age group is based on your age at the 1st September

Subscription are £65 for the U6's; £95 for age groups up to and including U12's, and £105 for the older groups.

Each of our squads are sponsored by local companies whose support we are very proud and privileged to have.

Age Group Principal Sponsor Associate Sponsor
Under 6 U6 Principle Sponsor Associate Sponsor
Under 7 U6 Principle Sponsor Associate Sponsor
Under 8 U8 Principal Sponsor Associate Sponsor
Under 9 U9 Principal Sponsor Associate Sponsor
Under 10 U10 Prinipal Sponsor U10 Associate Sponsor
Under 11 U11 Principal Sponsor Associate Sponsor
Under 12 U12 Principal Sponsor U12 Associate Sponsor
Under 13 U13 Principal Sponsor Barclays
Under 14 U14 Principal Sponsor U14 Associate Sponsor
Under 15 Ken White Associated Logo
Under 16 U15 Principal Sponsor Associate Sponsor
Under 17 U17 Principal Sponsor Associate Logo
Colts Colts Prinipal Sponsor Associate Logo

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