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The site provides RSS feeds for many areas and you can subscribe to these feeds by using the RSS feed icon at the bottom of the pages that support this feature. The address for the feeds are typically the page name with RSS added between it and the domain name. For example is the RSS feed for the home page. Each squad page has it's own RSS feed so you may like to subscribe to your age groups.

Most browsers now have RSS feed capablities as do many email clients and there are also a number of RSS feed readers available. Google reader is also an option.

Match Reports

Please feel free to submit match reports to the web manager.

It would be helpful and will speed up the process of uploading match reports to have them submitted as plain text (i.e. notepad) and if possible images sized to approximately 550px width for the gallery and 250px wide if they are to be embedded into the match reports.

If you are not able to do this before submitting then please don't feel you shouldn't send you match reports. Please do so the more the merrier.

We are only able to show photos of the players in action, of group team photos, presentations or activities directly related to the rugby.

Internet Explorer 7.0 and lower

Users may find that this site has rendering problems when viewed using Internet Explorer 7.0 or lower. Please be aware these are known issues with these versions of Internet Explorer. Version 6.x is increasingly going out of support and is deemed as having poor HTML interpretation and rendering capabilities as well as known security issues. There are currently no plans to apply any work-a-rounds to the HTML or CSS to get around the problems caused by these versions of Internet Explorer. With Internet Explorer 10 on the horizon there is no excuse for not keeping up to date. It is rare that any other software is treated in the same way Internet Explorer is with its older versions.

It is recommended that you use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome.

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