No sooner have you bought some rugby kit when you need some more! It's either too small, too old or just unloved! Please do remember there are plenty of other parents and players needing to get a change of kit as well! In response to this the Academy will be re-opening the "Nearly New Kit" shop, that will be affectionately known as, "The Shed". In order to make it work we need YOUR help and support. We are looking for donations of nearly new and or good condition rugby kit, especially shirts, shorts, socks, boots and protective body gear that no longer fits you/your children. In fact we will accept any rugby kit that doesn't fit your son or daughter anymore.

The "Nearly New Kit" shop will be open every Sunday morning.

When we are starting a new season we have a large range of kit available for purchase.

These are items in good condition that have been outgrown or replaced.

Speak to Kate Maloney for further information.

How it works

Donated Kit

Please pass any donated kit to your Team Manager or directly to Kate

Please ensure that the kit is CLEAN, and preferably IRONED and MARKED WITH ITS SIZE.

Boots should be CLEAN (and have laces) MARKED WITH THE SIZE and studs, if possible.

All donated items will be kept in the Nearly New Kit Shop, which is next to the club house facing Pitch 1.

All monies raised will go to the Youth Academy.

Private Sale of Nearly New Kit

If you want to sell items privately, (and some gear can be quite expensive) we can help you do this.

Let us know your required "selling price" and we will look to sell the item, listing it on the stock list as a private item.

However, please keep these items at home to avoid confusing them with donated items.

There will be a £5.00 fee commission per item payable to the Club for all private sales.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

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