The coaching resources listed below have been gathered together by the members of the Andover Rugby Club coaching staff. Please feel free to download any of the items and make use of them as you see fit.

New Rules of Play (Formerly shaping the game)

Please visit the RFU website for rules.


Total Rugby by Jim Greenwood.

Think Rugby: A Guide to Purposeful Team Play by Jim Greenwood.

101 Youth Rugby Drills by Chris Sheryn

Rugby Skils, Tackics and Rules by Tony Williams and Frank Bruce

The RFU Guide to Coaching Positional Skills by Ian Thompson and Gary Townsend

Reference Material

Go Forward Game View
Fast Align Game View
Support Race View
Ball Handling Races View
Tackle Pad Race View

Very good site, practice drills, tag, contact, moves, loads of info, and coaches can subscribe to weekly email
Another good site with more animated moves, drills, set-plays, and lots more.
A good site, lots of info. on fitness, player development, motivation, Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), goal setting, fitness, SAQ, fitness testing, mental training, team building, nutrition, injury prevention and others
Main RFU website that gives information for coaches, Laws, courses etc
RFU website that gives information on Positions, taking part, Basic knowledge etc
Part of SportPlan, good site for drills, moves, and also has facility to develop, edit and save your own drills after subscription
Good and detailed specific information on various playing Positions 
Very good New Zealand website that caters from U7 all the way through to Seniors, loads of info.

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