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Sunday, 15th January 2017

Devizes Colts 12 – Andover Colts 17

With their league game postponed Basepoint Business Centre sponsored Andover faced Devizes in a friendly fixture. Defence was the order of the day initially for Andover as they resisted the home side's attacks with some stellar work. What was on the breakfast menu chez Reed is unknown, raw steak perhaps, as brothers Ben and Lewis marauded around the pitch tackling endlessly and forming a perfect axis of evil at 9 and 10.  Andover eventually got a lucky break Gabe Williams turning defence into attack with an incisive interception and a 60m sprint to the line, Ioan Gwynne-Davies converted. This gave Andover confidence, several of their attacks were thwarted by poor passing decisions but when they got it right Ioan Gwynne-Davies was there to score and take a 12 point lead into half time.

The strength of the Andover squad was evident in the second period, numerous changes were made but if Devizes thought they were in for an easy ride they were mistaken. Reed continued the charge supported by the pack but eventually the Andover line was crossed with Devizes scoring in the corner and the match was then level with the home side’s second try which was well converted from out wide.

Andover did not let up and eventually their patience was rewarded, a fine kick deep into Devizes territory provided the visitors with a line out 5m out, the ball was safely gathered and the pack marched over the line to regain the lead.  Andover almost extended their lead as the final whistle blew.

This was a fantastic performance from the Andover squad with standout performances across the park, resolute defence combined with attacking flair.


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