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Saturday, 26th November 2016

Andover 2’s   7 – 56    Havant 2’s

A very youthful Andover 2’s welcomed Havant to the Goodship Ground for their third home game of the season as injury and unavailability once again left its mark.

Three seventeen year olds Fin Waite, Ioan Gwyn Davies and JJ Thomas stepped up from the acadmey colts, to join  two eighteen year olds Harry Ward and Max McGrath graduates of last season, as the Academy once again proved its worth in producing a host of talent. 

Andover started the game better and were truly fearless in attack as newcomer Harry Blackburn pressured the visitors defence from the start. As the youngsters started to find their feet they showed just what an asset they really are to the club. 

Woken by this Havant decided to use it’s pacey backs to full effect and a neatly executed move saw the visitors cross the line and score after just five minutes.

Andover re grouped and came back fighting with the two teams looking equally matched for the next 15minutes. Andover then struck, but a seemingly good try from Gywnn Davies was disallowed.

Undeterred by this the talented youngster was at it again and this time there was no doubt as six defenders were left in his wake in a mazy run.

The score now 7 – 7 remained as such for the next 20minutes as both team jostled for the upper hand, but with just 6 minutes left on the clock the visitors ran in three unanswered  try’s before the break. 

Andover unable to make any changes at the break soldiered on as the visitors made their substitution’s. 

Fresh legs gave Havant the upper hand and again their backs neatly ran the ball across the Andover try line.

Andover well lead by Craig Dunsdon and with Matt Moore and Angus McGill prominent stuck with it, much to the frustration of Havant, who upped the physical side of the game to try and quell the young 'All Blacks'.

Andover were having none of it however and pressed repeatedly with only their own wastefulness and some interesting law interpretation preventing them from scoring.

As Andover pressed the visitors broke away for a couple of further scores but Andover still didn't lie down.

For the last ten minutes Andover poured forwards and should have been rewarded, but when blatant penalties were given but with no yellow cards shown, the visitors they clung on. 

Andover did crash over the line for a second time but once again the effort was disallowed.  

Afterwards, Manager Jody Morgan was full of praise for his team, “ Wow, what talent we have coming through, the future of this club and this team really is bright. For  5 colt players to step up and play a team that is unbeaten and match their skill level is truly remarkable.”    

Final Score 7- 56

Man of the Match went to Ioan Gywn Davies


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