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Saturday, 10th September 2016

Eastleigh 2’s   22 – 14    Andover 2’s

Andover two’s opened the 2016 /17 rugby season with a trip to newly promoted Eastleigh two’s. Confidence was running high after a strong pre-season training raceme.

The match started hard with Eastleigh throwing everything they had at the Andover team, wave after wave of attacking rugby came their way and after five minutes the home side put points on the board with a try out wide.

Shaken from this, Andover tried to take control of the game but the powerful Eastleigh pack showed just how they wanted to play the game, both teams traded big hits until Eastleigh were court holding on and a penalty was awarded to Andover, opting for “posts” the kick fell short. 

The next Eastleigh attack came and as the ball made its way to the winger, David Catt put in a huge tackle managing to rip the ball free and sprinted down the side line swiftly followed by Ben Cicotti, the work however was not over and as David took the tackle from their full back he passed to Ben for Andover’s first try.

At 7 all both teams throw everything they had at it, until a high tackle from an Andover player saw the ref reach for his Yellow, The home team took the penalty and added 3 more points. 

Down to 14men Andover played with their hearts on their sleeves but could not contain the pressure and conceded another 5points on the stroke of half time.

The second half started with the same intensity, and with the ball in hand it was time for the Andover backs to prove their worth, and prove it they did. The ball was moved quickly to winger Ben Cicotti who cut the defence to pieces and scored the try of the match after just two minutes. Now back to full strength and a score of 15 – 14 Andover really looked the better team until the last 3 minutes of play,  Andover pushed the ball out wide and Full Back Rich Ritalick made a dash for the line, looking sure to score and with Winger David Catt outside him, Andover looked likely to snatch a win, but desperate defending from Eastleigh saw the ball dropped only for them to run it back and score against this plucky Andover team.

Final Score 22 – 14 

Man of the Match went to Harry Foxwell


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